How Sleep Supports Your Immune System

Rituals and Alchemy discuss why sleep and their product sleep Juju is one of the most important aspects to supporting your immune system. In addition to the benefits of sleep, we share countless other benefits and how to ensure you’re getting enough of it. check out our product and even get a discount for 10% off!

Sleep is scientifically proven to be one of the most critical components for physical and emotional well-being. Sleep is vital and no matter what the energy drink companies tell you, nothing can replace the powers that sleep brings to the body. The craziest thing is that 20% of the world is sleep-deprived, that means that one out of every five people is not getting proper sleep. 1 in 3 Americans are sleep depived in the United States as claimed by the CDC. Sleep deprivation can be caused by many different things such as insomnia, underlying mental conditions, physical conditions, demanding job schedules and much more. As you already can guess, not getting enough sleep can have a big effect on how your body works.


Since sleep plays such an important role in an optimally functioning immune system, most recent research shows people with less sleep each night are more likely to report having a recent cold, cough, or upper-respiratory infection.

Recent research shows that the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep plays a role in your body’s response to such compromised health conditions. But how does this work?


In addition to the innate and adaptive immune response activated when fighting off bacteria and viruses, new research suggests lack of sleep can negatively impact existing autoimmune conditions.

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In its activated form, sleep supports numerous functions in your body. Sleep also helps balance pH and hormone levels and can help reduce breakouts by regulating your skin’s oil production. Next, it’s been linked to improving mood and potentially helping to treat mood disorders.


The truth is that most people don’t get enough sleep To reiterate, an estimated one billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, up to 70% of Americans have low hourly levels of sleep at least once a month. Many lifestyle and environmental factors play a critical role in these statistics.


One of the biggest reasons so many people are sleep deprived is due to physical or emotional stressors, such as noise pollution, or anxiety, and stress disorders, but there has also been a huge tie to the increase in blue light exposure before bed which can mess with sleep patterns. It is important to have a nightly relaxing ritual to be able to get the sleep that you need.

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Taking a look at your lifestyle gives you a pretty good idea if you may be sleep deprived. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue increased stress levels,  However, the only way to know for certain is to get your vitamin D levels tested by your doctor. Doing so will indicate how much you may need to supplement.


The best way to get enough sleep is through proper rest and relaxation, which sometimes come from supplements. Sleeping as silly as it sounds can actually be extremely difficult to achieve. It is hard for people to get a great night's sleep especially with the anxieties many people are facing during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Sleep is easily one of the best things you can be doing for your body right now. Our Sleep Blend is designed with only the best ingredients designed by nutritionists and acupuncturists to help you get a better night's rest.

The recommended hours of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours.


    Sleeping the recommended amount of hours each night plays an important role in your mental health and physical health, including bone strength, skin health, mood, and immunity. Given sleeps role in activating your immune cells, there’s a clear link between sleeping and protecting against—respiratory infections, can help boost metabolism, and much more.

    If you’re worried about low hours of sleep, or cannot seem to get a good nights rest no matter how hard you try consider supplementing or incorporating some of the lifestyle tips above.