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Guided Acupressure with Franchesca Issac, L.Ac.

Guided Acupressure with Franchesca Issac, L.Ac.

 Acupressure is a great way to address your health needs in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you. Join Franchesca Issac, L.Ac. as she guides us through several acupressure points you can use to manage pain and encourage tranquility.

Her interest in acupuncture began shortly after obtaining her undergraduate degree in biology. She fell in love with the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, while also receiving treatments for severe menstrual cramps. She was amazed at the power of (little) non-medicated needles! She spent three years studying acupuncture at Tri-state College of Acupuncture in New York City.

Follow her on instagram @flourishacu and check out her webpage for more info at!

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