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Natural Oral Hygiene with RDH, Alisha Hanoian

 Natural Oral Hygiene with Registered Dental Hygienist, Alisha Hanoian

Join Alisha as she introduces some natural alternatives to oral health, as well as daily tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Oral health is so important and it can be hard to know which products and practices to use and which ones to avoid. Fortunately, Alisha covers several different natural products and methods to achieve optimal oral health! 

A self-appointed "Healthy Living Strategist", Alisha aims to empower other women to seek out and claim their health. Having discovered the healing that comes with natural remedies and plant-based nutrition, she is eager to share her journey and help other's find their path to wellness.

Follow her on instagram @alisha.hanoian and check our her webpage!

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